Friday, September 13, 2013

Focus Friday: CQ Researcher

Looking for a basic overview of a tough topic? Working on a current issues assignment and need a thorough topic overview? Trying to get started by searching the open Internet but finding too much or not enough information?

CQ Researcher is the focused resource for you, and you can easily access it through the Richland College Library database pages.

This 90-year-old publication covers one topic per publication and is written by veteran journalists. Each in-depth report includes a topic's overview, background, timeline, and a bibliography. There is also a pro and con feature in each report.

CQ Researcher is published 44 times a year on Fridays. Access it by going to the Richland College Library webpage, clicking on the green "Databases" tab, and clicking on the CQ Researcher link. (A log on is required outside of the library.)

Today's report is "U.S. Trade Policy," and next week's will be "Future of the Arctic." 

Below is a video about the features of the online CQ Researcher and how to use it.

If you have questions about how to use this or any other database, please ask a librarian. You may telephone 972-238-6082 or email 

Happy researching, 

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