Monday, November 15, 2010

Truth Be Told

Project Information Literacy studied more than 8,000 students from 25 colleges and universities. Students were asked how they evaluate information and use it once they have found it, and what difficulties they encounter with research. The findings are reported in Truth Be Told: How College Students Evaluate and Use Information in the Digital Age.

  • 84% reported having trouble just getting started with research assignments,
  • 66% had problems defining a topic,
  • Half of the students said they used the same research techniques whatever the topic,
  • Only 11% reported asking the librarian for guidance
Librarian Barbara Fister comments on the report in Library Journal: "We need to think hard about what role inquiry plays in the undergraduate curriculum and how the library supports meaningful undergraduate research. Will values embedded in the process of discovering meaning while doing assignments transfer to life after college?"

Here's the preview video.

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