Friday, March 6, 2009

Librarians Initiate Library Liaison Program

In an effort to connect librarians and instructors, the librarians have began a Library Liaison Program. Librarians hope to "Put a FACE on the Library" for all of Richland's full-time and adjunct faculty members.

Our Purpose:
To encourage and facilitate personal connections between librarians and instructors
To create a principal point of contact between the program or discipline and the library

Our Strategy:
We will publish the framework for the Library Liaison Program on the web for all to see.
We will seek out problem areas and collaborate with instructors in finding solutions.
We will advertise new and little used library services in a personal way.

Our Promise:
Each FT instructor will be contacted by a librarian at some time during the academic year.
Each PT instructor currently teaching will receive an email from a librarian.

Please contact us using DCCCCD email or by calling the reference desk at 6082.

Our Resources Include:
•Serials Solutions –a tool to identify which journal titles we can access in either print or electronic format
•NoodleTools –a tool to help with MLA or APA citation and plagiarism avoidance
•ASAP –a tool to help students stay on track with a research project

Our Services Include:
•Helping you find the information you need
•Ordering books for the library in your discipline
•Locating articles for you on interlibrary loan
•Putting items on reserve for your classes
•Helping your students become information literate
•Assisting you with the design of research assignments

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